I held the position of Fractional COO for a large Commercial Cattle Company and it’s affiliated companies which involved the purchase and management of real estate holdings, materials procurement, restaurant management, event and hospitality management, concert planning and budgeting. This company manages real estate holdings, entertainment holdings, restaurant and hospitality holdings and two live music concert and event venues. The companies core business was located in Missouri with an office in Florida. I was responsible for all of the day-to-day operations as well as the marketing and social media for these companies.
In my role of this multi-location, multi-state endeavor I provide the following services and more:

  • Provide budgeting and P&L oversight and planning for the businesses;
  • Booking and coordinating with talent and talent managers to provide musical acts for the venue;
  • Setup and Build-Out of a Steakhouse Restaurant with Equipment Procurement, and Food Purchasing;
  • Management of both FOH and BOH staff, hiring, staff scheduling, POS setup and management;
  • Management of the social media, websites and all on and off-line marketing;
  • Designed and personally built the multi-location Unifi server, routers and wiring that powers the two buildings and allows them to "talk" via fiber optic cables, increasing speed throughout the venue.
  • Managed and hired the restaurant and event staff. Oversaw the payroll budgeting and management procedures, food costing, vendor selection, POS entry and management and all restaurant and event operations.
  • Facilitate and negotiate all real estate holdings to include site surveys, permitting, construction vendor management, leases, deeds, highest and best use, contracts and more.
  • I personally provided the conceptual design that was later used to construct a 30,000 sq. ft. entertainment complex as well as a 28,000 sq. ft. cattle sale arena. I managed the daily construction of this project for a year ensuring that it came in on schedule and within our budget window during a global pandemic.

I have consulted in the following roles:

  • Director of Safety - Construction (OSHA Certified)
  • General Manager - Construction (OSHA Certified)
  • General Manager - Real Estate Brokerage (Licensed Real Estate Agent - Florida)
  • Safety Manager - Cellular/Telecom Tower Construction
  • Operations Manager - Cellular / Telecom Maintenance (T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint)


  • General Manager - Restaurant Operations​


  • Operations Manager - Trucking Industry (FMCSA & DOT)
  • Operations Manager - Cellular/Telecom Tower Construction
  • Operations Manager - Physical Security Company
  • Marketing Operations - Real Estate Brokerage

  • Operations Manager
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Fractional Chief Operating Officer
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
  • Operational Business Consulting
  • FMCSA & Fleet Management

Business Operations & Consulting

Other Operational Positions

Fractional Chief Operating Officer

Fractional Chief Operating Officer & Other Positions

I held the role of Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO). I helped to establish and streamline operations, as well as creating a safety structure/protocol to rapidly increase profits, productivity, limit liability, optimize the workforce, and grow revenues substantially. I managed the day-to-day operations and marketing for this 52MM corporation with over 200 employees working in multiple offices around the state.
Additionally, as an OSHA trained member I served as the Qualified Person for the company to ensure that the company's workers were compliant and safe at all times. I successfully settled 90% of all OSHA cases to the benefit of my employer saving just over 2MM in expenses over 5-years.  During my tenure my policies have:

  • Reduced accidents by 95% over pre 2015 numbers.
  • Increased safety training and awareness to all employees.
  • Provided mandatory OSHA-30 safety training to all Supervisors and Front Line Managers.
  • Implemented a system to seek out competitive pricing saving more than $1MM the first 12-months of use.
  • Reduced fuel usage by 40% over previous years through fuel management systems.
  • Upgraded the vehicle fleet to provide more efficient work vehicles and reduced wear and tear and vehicle repair costs by implementing a vehicle tracking and accountability system.
  • I have reduced the shrinkage of tools and capital equipment through and web based proprietary tool tracking system that I designed, developed and implemented called "Tool Wizard." This system checks tools in and out to people and crews as well as allowing you to assign them to trucks and departments. It assigns codes for inventory and detailed tracking of the item until the time of surrender.
  • My policies have reduced the purchases of materials and equipment and concentrated on using a par and cycle count system to manage inventory on a daily basis.
  • By changing our internal payroll system I have been able to save the company $100k annually in payroll administration costs.
  • I have implemented a comprehensive bi-lingual safety program that is now used as a standard within our company.
  • I have utilized 3rd party blind auditors to "test" our safety program on a monthly basis to ensure that all goals are being met.
  • Employees are required to upload audit reports on a regular basis that are reviewed by Senior Management to verify that corrective actions have been taken.